MSTM Vision Statement:
A caring community that nurtures individuals to become productive lifelong learners.

MSTM Mission Statement:
Provide a safe and progressive learning environment to enhance student growth.

Board Agenda



September 18, 2017 ~ 4:00 P.M.





I.             Welcome – Board President


II.            Consent Items

                A.  Approval of Minutes – Board President

                B.  Approval of Agenda – Board President

                C.  Approval of Bills and Secretary’s Report – Board President

                D.  Approval of Hot Lunch and Activity Reports – Board President


III.          Celebrations        


IV.          Public Comments


V.            Old Business


A.       Presentations

1)       Facilities Report                                                                                                                   Mr. Christensen

2)       Principal’s Report                                                                                                                Ms. Happe

3)       Principal’s Report                                                                                                                Mr. Moser

4)       Superintendent’s Report                                                                                                    Supt. Wood


VI.          New Business


A.      Adjournment of the Retiring Board                                                                                         Mrs. Gavin

B.      Review Canvas of Election and Administer Oath of Office to New Members               Mrs. Gavin

C.      Election/Approval of the President and Vice President                                                        Mrs. Gavin

D.      Administer Oath of Office to newly Elected President and Vice President                       Mrs. Gavin

E.       Discuss and Set Standing Committees                                                                                    Supt. Wood

F.       Appoint Member to IASB Delegate Assembly                                                                      Supt. Wood

G.      Approve Legal Counsel – Ahlers and Cooney                                                                       Supt. Wood

H.      Approve Special Education Supplement 2016-2017                                                           Supt. Wood

I.        Approve Annual Notifications for the Public                                                                         Supt. Wood

J.        Approve IDATP Drivers 2017-2018                                                                                        Supt. Wood

K.      Discuss/Approve Annual and Long Range Goals for CSIP/ESSA                                     Supt. Wood

L.       Discuss/Approve Resolution Federal Disaster Mitigation Act                                             Supt. Wood

M.     Discuss/Approve Baseball Field Recommendation                                                              Supt. Wood

N.      Discuss/Approve Personnel Resignations                                                                               Supt. Wood

O.      Discuss/Approve Personnel Recommendations                                                                    Supt. Wood

P.       Confirm – Next Meeting Dates                                                                                                 Supt. Wood



VII.         Adjournment